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‘Absolutely Brilliant’ - Ed Smith, Today FM

‘They make a great noise’ - Jerry Fish


‘Riff Heaven’ - GBHBL

After a busy 2023, where the group wowed audiences with their trademark high energy performances at Kaleidoscope and Eadestownbury Music Festivals, plus a sold out summer show in Dublin's The Workman's Club, Box Clone are back with their first full length album release.

Comprised of ten tracks of both new and older material,‘Matrix’ pays homage to many of Box Clone's key influences, such as Rage Against the Machine, Muse and the Metal Gear Solid video game series. The album showcases the groups versatility on newer, more groove based tracks, such as ‘Visions’, while we also get to see maybe the heaviest new offering in the track ‘Fuse’, a veritable tour de force from start to finish, encompassing driving guitar and double kick sections.

The title track, ‘Matrix’, draws on frontman Oggan's own experiences of school growing up. ‘It’s about a bad day at school’, he jokingly explains. ‘Well, a matrix is essentially a grid system of lines that make up a system of squares. They contain information on how to navigate a task. In school I felt completely lost. I hated it and it hated me. There was no matrix or clear instructions on how to get through it. At that time mental health and effective guidance in schools were vague concepts. I felt completely trapped by it and had no idea how to express the way I was feeling or why I was feeling that way. There was no guide, no clear approach, no matrix. As you get older you see that education is a privilege, but for me back then it felt like a prison.’

‘Matrix’ was recorded mostly in Oggan's home studio in Cork, with drummer Colm's parts being recorded in Monique Studios in Middleton. Oggan also produced and mixed the album.

‘Matrix’ is a labour of love for the group and a culmination of years of hard work for the pair, who started working on the album in 2018, but really began to make

headway during lockdown in 2020.


‘It’s been a long time coming and we’re very proud of it’, says Oggan. “It fucking rocks” says Colm.

‘Matrix’ is out everywhere on April 5th.


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