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‘Absolutely brilliant’ - Ed Smith, Today FM

‘They make a great noise’ - Jerry Fish

‘Riff heaven’ - GBHBL

Fresh off the back of their electrifying performances at Kaleidoscope and The Workman’s Cellar, Box Clone are ready to release their new single ‘I’m the Fool’.

The track wastes no time establishing itself, launching straight into another of their trademark riffs. The group display their versatility on this song, with a more melodic vocal style being used throughout, in contrast to the rap vocals we've come to expect from them. Sonically things are as big as ever, with powerful drums featuring in the verses and a variety of riffs throughout.

Box Clone’s music appeals to an ever-increasing audience. Their previous single ‘Fight Addict’ achieved a number of national radio plays on Ed Smith’s show on Today FM. They have featured regularly on regional stations around Ireland, and have also shown a global appeal, with appearances on 91X and HaleFM - radio stations based in San Diego and London, respectively.

As with all of their material, ‘I’m the Fool’ was recorded and mixed by Box Clone’s frontman Oggan, with guitar, bass, vocals, synth and additional percussion being laid down in his home studio in Cork. Drummer Colm’s parts were recorded at Monique Studios in Middleton, and engineered by Christian Best (Mick Flannery, SAL, Paddy Dennehy).

‘I’m the Fool’ will be available to stream on Friday 11th of August.

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